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Título : Aplicación de un estabilizador de suelo, como material impermeable, al nivel de desplante de un relleno sanitario
Fecha de publicación : 19-jun-2012
Resumen : The events that our country lives at the present time require the promotion of new technologies that enable the creation and development of a solid infrastructure and durable to protect and care for the environment. The lack of interest of many people in the care of ecosystems, we are motivated to be involved and join in a joint effort with the relevant authorities to promote measures important to the care of the environment. Against this background, the final disposal sites of urban solid waste is an area of opportunity for development and apply technology to maximize the resources that it can be obtained. The pollution that is generated in these waste disposal sites is a global problem also present in our country. This type of pollution primarily affects the aquifers due to infiltration waste as well as the settlements and deformations that can occur in landfills, provoking it to reduce the projected lifetime for the deposit. In Mexico, the application of a soil stabilizer for new generation - Base Seal brand name - has allowed the reduction of execution times and improved soil characteristics, which has not been held to date in engineering works to control the migration of leachate into the ground. Base Seal stabilizer is an organic product that is used in the construction and maintenance of roads, airports, artificial water reservoirs, gravel roads, among others. This enzyme product is a polymer that holds transforming the spaces between particles of soil characteristics to increase their degree of water resistance, compaction resistance, thus exceeding the standards set by the rules of construction in our country. Thats why, this thesis shows the application of a soil stabilizer waterproof material in a landfill, which is used at the level of rudeness in the first body of solid waste for acceptable behavior in this field, high strength, increased impermeability, reduced settlement and, therefore, considerable reduction of pollution of aquifers. The laboratory tests gave positive results in implementing the stabilizer in the three samples was obtained to support greater strength, improved soil physical properties and in the case of the compacted specimen and flow of leachate, the ratio of permeability was significantly reduced. This hypothesis affirms that by applying a soil stabilizer, the level of rudeness from a landfill, you can avoid settlements and deformations of the ground and seep into groundwater and aquifers of the leachate in a landfill.
Descripción : Garantizar un suelo resistente e impermeable al nivel de desplante del primer cuerpo de residuos sólidos de un relleno sanitario, empleando un estabilizador de suelo (Base – Seal), proporcionando un funcionamiento adecuado del sitio.
URI : http://www.repositoriodigital.ipn.mx/handle/123456789/5580
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