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23-ene-2012Influence of the growing parameters on the size distribution of PbTe nanoparticles produced by laser ablation under inert gas atmosphereAlmeida, D.B; Rodriguez, E.; Agouram, S.; Moreira, R.S.; Cesar, C.L.; Jimenez, E.; Barbosa, L.C.
2011Self-absorption influence on the optical spectroscopy of zinc oxide laser produced plasmaDe Posada, E; Lunney, J.G.; Arronte, M.A; Ponce, L.; Rodriguez, E.; Flores, T.
ago-2011Optical and physical properties of Er 3+-Yb 3+ co-doped tellurite fibersNarro-García, R; Chillcce, E.F.; Miranda, A.R.; Giehl, J.M.; Barbosa, L.C.; Rodriguez, E.; Arronte, M.
2012TiN nanoparticles: Small size-selected fabrication and their quantum size effectMainet, L.C.H.; Cabrera, L.P.; Rodriguez, E.; Cruz, A.F.; Santana, G.; Menchaca, J.L; Pérez-Tijerina, E.
feb-2013Fabrication and upconversion luminescence of Er3+/Yb 3+ codoped TeO2-WO3-Na2O-Nb 2O5-Al2O3 glass fibersNarro-García, R; Chillcce, E.F.; Barbosa, L.C.; De Posada, E; Arronte, M.; Rodriguez, E.
ago-2011Ray trace algorithm description for the study of pump power absorption in double clad fibersNarro, R; Rodriguez, E.; Ponce, L; De Posada, E; Flores, T.; Arronte, M.
sep-2011On the use of shockwave models in laser produced plasma expansion ( Conference Paper )De Posada, E; Arronte, M.A; Ponce, L.; Rodriguez, E.; Flores, T.; Lunney, J.G.
16-oct-2012Synthesis and particle size control of Cd Se nanoparticles by soft chemical methodsMartInez, N; G. Oncins; F. Chalé; Rodriguez, E.; F. Caballero‐Briones
16-oct-2012Fabricación y caracterización de fibras ópt icas convencionales de telurito co-dopadas con Er3+ /Yb3+Narro-García, R; Chillcce, E.F.; Barbosa, L.C.; E. de Posada; M. Arronte; Rodriguez, E.