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dc.contributor.advisorRUIZ Y ZURVIA FLORES, JAIME ROBERTO-
dc.contributor.authorMANRIQUE SANGUINO, JUAN ARIEL-
dc.descriptionEl objetivo de esta tesis es la de realizar un estudio experimental sobre arrecifes artificiales para protección costera, que disminuyan significativamente la energía del oleaje incidente en la costa causante de la erosión en playas, como alternativa(s) a las que ya se han implementado en el tramo erosionado crítico Chelem- Chuburná y con esto conllevar a proponer una alternativa de protección costera que sea funcional y que minimice la pérdida de sedimentos en esa zona de acuerdo con las condiciones locales.es
dc.description.abstractCoastal erosion is defined, as the progressive setback of the line of coast which reasons can be of natural origin as also provoked by the man. It is a phenomenon that has received importance during the last years in the whole world due to the economic repercussions, especially in the currencies for concept of the tourism, as well as the increase of the risk for the infrastructure and population placed on the coast. The degree of coastal erosion in the Yucatán´s beaches is of such a magnitude, which has freed itself a fight for stopping the problem, constructing all kinds of protection works, without any class of planeación in his design and implementation. These actions have not been sufficient to stop this phenomenon, and likewise they have contributed that the problem accents in a critical way, by what it is needed finding alternatives of coastal protection adapted for the mitigation of the problem. For his strategic situation between the coast and the open sea, the reefs work as a protection barrier against the batterings of the waves. At present to simulate them artificially under certain permissable limits of transmission of surge, they represent a suitable alternative of coastal protection. In the present work there is described the degree of existing erosion in the Yucatán´s beaches in the section Chelem-Chuburná, as well as the infrastructure implemented in the above mentioned section. In addition an experimental study develops by means of a physical model reduced in laboratory on rouble mound reefs sumerged, analyzing the transmission of the surge in 4 trapezoidal sections with different crest width. The tests carried out in the narrow irregular wave of the Laboratory of Hydraulics of the ESIA Zacatenco. The measurements were effected across sensors of resistive type, connected to the holograph one controlled by a computerized system. Likewise, the information obtained in the experimentation was compared, with the results obtained with the formulae of Goda(1969), D´Angremond et al (1996), Van der Meer (1991,2000,2004), being the results of Van der Meer et al (2000) and D´Angremomd et al (1996) those who have answered better.es
dc.description.especialidadMaestria en Ingenieria Civil en Hidraulicaes
dc.description.tipo204 pagínases
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