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Título : Ornamentation of achene silica walls and its contribution to the systematics of Eleocharis (Cyperaceae)
Autor : González Elizondo, M. Socorro
Maximiano da Silva, Carlos Roberto
Bento da Silva, Leandro
Tardelli de Jesus Andrade, Célia Guadalupe
Trevisan, Rafael
González Elizondo, M. Socorro
Laforga Vanzela, André Luís
Palabras clave : Achenes, Micromorphology, Scanning electron microscopy, Silica wall
Fecha de publicación : 2011
Editorial : Plant Syst Evol
Citación : Plant Syst Evol
Resumen : Micromorphology of the achene surface of 26 Brazilian species of Eleocharis was studied by scanning electron microscopy in order to evaluate its usefulness in the taxonomy of the genus. The results point out two patterns of cell organization according to silica structures of achenes. The first corresponds to a group of species (group A) that have small to medium cells arranged vertically. The second is found in those species (group B) with medium to large cells arranged horizontally. These data were useful in separating species of Eleocharis subgenus Scirpidium and E. subgenus Limnochloa (group B) from E. subgenus Eleocharis (group A). However, group A shows considerable variation in silica wall arrangement. Eleocharis squamigera, previously considered as part of E. subgenus Eleocharis, shows features rather similar to those of Scirpidium, confirming recent phylogenies. The subgenus Limnochloa was clearly distinguished from others by achenes with large cells (over 55 lm width), presence of crenate or repand anticlinal walls, and some orifices near the wall in some species. The silica wall ornamentation seems to be a useful morphological tool for studying relationships between subgenera and distinguishes Limnochloa from the other subgenera.
URI : http://www.repositoriodigital.ipn.mx/handle/123456789/8400
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