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Título : Educación superior privada durante la reforma neoliberal en dos regiones de Michoacán
Autor : Ávila Meléndez, Luis Arturo
Palabras clave : Educación superior privada / Estado neoliberal / Cultura regional
Fecha de publicación : 2007
Editorial : Perfiles Educativos
Citación : Ávila, L.A. (2007). “Educación superior privada durante la reforma neoliberal en dos regiones de Michoacán”, Perfiles educativos, UNAM, Vol. XXIX, Núm. 115, 72-92, julio 2007, UNAM, ISSN 0185-2698. http://scielo.unam.mx/pdf/peredu/v29n115/n115a5.pdf
Resumen : This article presents the cultural analysis vision that underlies a research about the development of two higher education institutions in Michoacán. This view contribuyes to the understanding of how patterns which have been emerging and prevailing in several parts of the world can develop themselves in different ways because of the peculiarities shown by the regional cultures in which they are implemented. That's how the autor tries to explain the development of a new neoliberal Mexican state, showing its differentiated effects by regions on the working of private higher education institutions. First, he shows in a detailed way some of the economic, political and cultural processes undergone during the 20th century that had lasting consequences in two areas of Michoacan and that turn out to be relevant to understand the peculiar development of the two analyzed institutions. The second part of the article presents the adaptations and proposals made by each institution to tackle some of the prevailing trenes of the Mexican educational policies since the eighties that determine its operation. I assert that those answers are orientated by the regional cultures in which each of those institutions emerged.
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ISSN : 0185-2698
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