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Autor : Ruiz Castillejos, Norma Josefina
Escobar Trinidad, Eder Axel
Fecha de publicación : 25-sep-2012
Resumen : in the general context the Metropolitan Area of the Valley of Mexico (MAVM) is the most important population, economic and political center of Mexico; concentrated more than 20 million inhabitants in an area that does not exceed 5,000 km2, its growth emanating from economic and social policies designed from the middle of last century, brought about by its very nature, problems of various kinds such as insecurity, lack of water, pollution and transport mainly by directly affecting the mobility of local residents. It is for this reason that this research raises as a case study of urban mobility, one of the largest metropolitan phenomena of the MAVM, this manifests in the metropolis through the journeys made by its inhabitants to different parts of the city in order to meet their diverse needs. This situation has generated saturation in the roads, environmental pollution and excessive loss of time in shipments of MAVM residents The research allows for the approaches required to understand the problems of urban mobility that has been generated in the Road Corridor Indios Verdes-Ecatepec-Tecámac (RCIVET), the conditions in which the system of urban public passenger transport (UPPT) by providing an inefficient service system. It is thus this work is an investigation descriptive and analytical, in six chapters provides the information needed to understand, describe and analyze the problems in the study area. In the last four chapters set out the relevant results and raised in the final conclusions, recommendations and a proposal to solve the problematic one consider that occupies to us. The problems of urban mobility in RCIVET is derived from an inefficient transport services provided by the Metropolitan UPPT system (transportation developed between the two districts), mainly the concession status, in addition, economic conditions and urban features area, the product of a strong tendency toward centralization. Through the documentary and field research carried out both in the municipalities as at the bus stop, located in the study area, it was sure that the UPPT has played one of the most important roles in the inefficiency of transportation in RCIVET . The UPPT Concessions in the nineties is a promising paradigm to improve the transportation of passengers in the MAVM, as it offset a shortfall of transportation for a large proportion of citizens especially in the municipalities of Edo. Mex., however, this transportation has been done mainly in units of low capacity and quality, which over time have increased urban problems (mobility) and that the service provides physical conditions remained poor, a saturation of roads, together with road transport and senior- wage costs in time and impacting the economy of the people at large. This study was conducted in the period August 2007 to September 2009 as part of studies in the Masters in Civil Engineering with specialization in Territorial Planning Section of Postgraduate Studies from National Polytechnic Institute
Descripción : Analizar la movilidad urbana de los habitantes del Corredor Vial Indios Verdes-Ecatepec-Tecámac a través del Transporte Público Urbano de Pasajeros.
URI : http://www.repositoriodigital.ipn.mx/handle/123456789/7011
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