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Fecha de publicación : 25-sep-2012
Resumen : A major problem of waste management is the disposition that can be given to biosolids from wastewater treatment that depend on their physical, chemical and microbiological and stabilized once they have met the necessary requirements set on Mexican Official Standards can be used in two important ways: when Excellent type may be in direct contact with the public, when they are only good quality can be applied to forest uses, soil improvement and agricultural uses. The application of biosolids is an established practice in many countries of the world, where Mexico is no exception. Throughout this research is a form of plasma reuse the biosolids obtained from the Treatment Plant Wastewater Municipality of Tlalnepantla de Baz, in which they are destined for a landfill, they are highly rich in nitrogen, carbon, phosphorus, and therefore proposes a way to reuse rehabilitating soil with low nutrient profile through the use of these as natural fertilizer and wheat straw using additional additive for increasing the carbon content. This soil was characterized previously rehabilitated subsequently performed the necessary analysis to make sure the biosolids met all the characteristics in the NOM-004-SEMARNAT-2002, for reuse, then proceeded to the elaboration of three mixtures containing three different ratios of Soil, Biosolids and wheat straw. Of the identified mixtures as one, two and three, the mixture is selected to be the three that has a greater quantity and quality of essential molecules for soil fertilization. During the fertilization took important data and control the behavior of mixtures for pH, temperature, humidity, Color, Odor, total organic carbon, total organic nitrogen among others, this for a set period of ninety days. Then perform a soil characterization after being fertilized with biosolids. The results show that the soil thrown greatly increased concentrations of essential molecules as well as important elements for the development of indigenous characteristics thereof. Once the process is proceeded with the planting of wheat seeds in the fertilized soil of which over a period of fifteen days, ten seeds sown grew up in this without any anomaly. Hypothesis established, could be checked and obtained a soil high in nutrients, in addition to sustainable use of biosolids for the benefit of agricultural soils. It is hoped that this research will contribute successfully in subsequent trials in which you want to increase the level of nutrients through the use of Biosolids, waiting and always seeking continuous improvement of the techniques developed here to carry out the purpose of fertilization land sought.
Descripción : Rehabilitar un suelo con bajo perfil de nutrientes a través del uso de Biosólidos como fertilizante natural y paja de trigo como aditivo adicional.
URI : http://www.repositoriodigital.ipn.mx/handle/123456789/7009
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