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Título : Estrategia de aprendizaje basado en problemas para aprender circuitos eléctricos
Autor : Becerra Rodríguez, Diego Fernando
Palabras clave : Educación Superior, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, investigación, innovación
Fecha de publicación : 22-abr-2014
Editorial : Revista Innovación Educativa 64
Citación : Revista Innovación Educativa 64
Resumen : Throughout the years, some researchers have confirmed the fact that when teachers give traditional classes (e.g. teacher-centered lessons, continuous repetition of exercises and implementation problems) students do not embrace the explained concepts, but only memorize mathematical processes that do not allow them to contextualize knowledge in situations that differ from the one they have memorized. Following these studies, a teaching strategy has been designed and executed in five class sessions: It is considered innovative because it introduces a variation from the problem-based learning methodology. It complements the teaching/learning process on the subject of building and analysing electric circuits through information and communication technologies. Most notably the strategy used a lowcost wireless board and experimental software that have been regarded as contributing to learning improvement and higher teaching quality. The strategy and its component parts are tools that, under an appropriate pedagogical approach, inspire students with confidence and motivation – allowing an active and continuous knowledge development process
URI : http://www.repositoriodigital.ipn.mx/handle/123456789/18502
ISSN : 1665-2673
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