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2-feb-2007In Vitro interaction of poliovirus with cytoplasmic dyneinSalas-Benito, Juan Santiago; González-Durán, Elizabeth; del Angel, Rosa María; Salas-Benito, Juan Santiago
19-ene-2006Effects of Eupatorium perfoliatum and Arsenicum album on the parasitemia in Plasmodium berghei-infected miceSalas-Benito, Juan Santiago; Lira-Salazar, Guadalupe; Marines-Montiel, Erika; Torres-Monzón, Jorge; Hernández-Hernández, Fidel; Salas-Benito, Juan Santiago
2007Evidence that the 45 kDa glycoprotein, part of a putative dengue virus receptor complex in the mosquito cell line C6/36, is a heat shock-related proteinSalas-Benito, Juan Santiago; Salas-Benito, Juan Santiago; Reyes-Del Valle, Jorge; Salas-Benito, Mariana; Ceballos-Olvera, Ivonne; Mosso, Clemente; del Angel, Rosa María
2002A putative receptor for dengue virus in mosquito tissues: Location of a 45 kDa glycoproteindel Angel, Rosa María; Mendoza, María Yazi; Salas-Benito, Juan Santiago; Lanz-Mendoza, Humberto; Hernández-Martínez, Salvador; del Angel, Rosa María
may-2009Distribution of dengue cases in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, during the period 2004-2006Salas-Benito, Juan Santiago; Günther, Jeannette; Ramírez-Palacio, Luis Román; Pérez-Ishiwara, David Guillermo; Salas-Benito, Juan Santiago
15-ago-2007Evidence of vertical transmission of dengue virus in two endemic localities in the state of Oaxaca, MexicoSalas-Benito, Juan Santiago; Günther, Jeannette; Martínez-Muñoz, Jorge Pascual; Pérez-Ishiwara, David Guillermo; Salas-Benito, Juan Santiago