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Título : Tortillas of blue maize (Zea mays L.) prepared by a fractionated process of nixtamalization: analysis using response surface methodology
Palabras clave : Blue maize
Calcium hydroxide
Fecha de publicación : 16-ene-2013
Editorial : Journal of Food Engineering 66 (2005) 273–281
Descripción : In the present study an alternative to the traditional nixtamalization process was studied. Pericarp,tip cap and germ (PGT) were separated from the endosperm in a prototype decorticating device. The fractions were nixtamalized in an intermittent blender using steam injection. First the PGT fraction (18.2%) was nixtamalized in an alkaline solution (0.29–1.71% w/w) of boiling water,in a proportion of 1:1 (alkaline solution:PGT),The endosperm fraction (81.8%) was then immediately added to the same container,mixed thoroughly and kept at constant temperature of 92± 2 C,for cooking times from 9.2 to 51.2 min. The nixtamalized fractions of maize were dried at 60 C for 5 h and milled. Tortillas made from nixtamalized flour prepared with 1.0% (w/w) calcium hydroxide and a nixtamalization time of 45 min showed functional characteristics similar to the traditional blue tortilla.
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