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dc.creatorTalamonti, M.-
dc.descriptionIn this paper we identify the educational social representations, and the teaching-learning process- in the area of Mathematics in particular- which are the outstanding characteristic of the group of teachers who work at “Instituto Eureka”, La Plata, Argentina. This non-formal educational school, unique in its kind, provides and promotes a methodology that enlivens the teacher’s and the student’s spirits, and it is assumed capable of modifying the social practices inherent to education. Through interviews, questionnaires and class observations, we get to fathom the philosophy of the institute, which has an almost exclusive bibliographical reference. Thus, we manage to identify the perceptions that Eureka’s teachers, who also work in formal environments, possess of the true significance of education, of the teaching and learning of Mathematics, with an interdisciplinary criterion, and we can also point out the sense of belonging and identification these teachers have towards “Eureka”.-
dc.titlePrácticas y representaciones sociales Presentes en una escuela no tradicional.-
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