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Título : La Construcción del Concepto de Ángulo en Estudiantes de Secundaria.
Autor : Montiel Espinosa, Gisela
Fecha de publicación : 16-ene-2013
Descripción : The scholar notion of angle has played an ambiguous role in the school, its definitions, characterizations and applications can be found in subjects like mathematics, physics and technical drawing. The school tradition assumes that when it is defined, characterized, its typology is exposed and the concept is manipulated in the class of mathematics, its use, application or interpretation in other subjects must not represent a difficulty for the students. Contrary to what is assumed, it is in this other subjects where the most common conflicts can be located in the managing of this notion. The nature of the angle concept has been a topic of debate for more than 2000 years and the discussion still does not end (Matos, 1990). Probably for it there is no only one accepted definition in the mathematical community and its didactic transposition by no means turns into a trivial process. On the base of an a priori analysis, guided by the didactic engineering on the setting of the Theory of didactic situations framework, we have designed a didactic sequence that contemplate on the cognitive component the Mitchelmore & White (2000) abstraction model and on the epistemological component the qualitative nature (for its form), quantitative (for its measurement) and as a relation (for how it is defined) nature of the angle notion that is managed on the basic-secondary level from the Mexican educative system. The didactic component recovers some possible effects of the school speech on the meanings related with the angular measurement versus length measurement, in the same way as the construction and meanings of notions such as portion/proportion, basic figures like the square, the equilateral triangle, the isosceles straight triangle, the scalene straight triangle, the use of the protractor as a measurement scholar instrument, etc, but basically the design breaks with the scholar planning that guides on the work of this notion. This work presents on its different parts, how the concept of angle is approach in the school speech, some of the previous investigations where the misconceptions of the concept are presented, the theory that supports our project research, the proposal with the design of the didactic sequence and the results analyzed on the base of the setting of the theory of reference.
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