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Título : Construcción social de ideas en torno al número racional en un escenario sociocultural del trabajo
Autor : Lezama Andalón, Javier
Crespo Crespo, Cecilia
Fecha de publicación : 16-ene-2013
Descripción : This research work addresses, from the perspective of the socioepistemología, the social construction of ideas regarding the rational number in a nonacademic scene, the working world. Specifically, this research work is centered in the sociocultural group of dressmakers. The objective is to characterize ideas that are built around the rational number through its use in the daily work. To achieve the objective proposed, the rational number, its forms of representation and the different meaning associated with it, is studied first. This provides tools for the interpretation of ideas that “live” in the working scene. Then, the use the rational number in typical sewing activities is studied, taking into account the following sources of information: sewing books, guided interviews and observation of the participants in a sewing room, where the researcher takes the role of an apprentice. The gathered information is analized in light of a model of social construction of knowledge that seeks to explain how a subject or a cultural group constructs mathematical their ideas from social practices that regulate the activities associated with the construction of such ideas. The problem that motivates this research is stands at the scene of the Youth and Adult Education (EDJA) from middle level of Argentina. Investigate how the rational number is used in EDJA, makes us consider its uses in_daily situations of the students, the ideas that exist between these ideas and what the school wants to transmit. Even though this research work studies one case, it helps to show the social reality of rational number and think about what is build outside the school from a didactic perspective.
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