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Título : Application of Differential Scanning Calorimetry to Evaluate Thermal Properties and Study of Microstructure of Biodegradable Films
Palabras clave : Biodegradable films
Fecha de publicación : 16-ene-2013
Editorial : International Journal of Thermophysics - Springer
Descripción : The glass transition temperature (Tg) and melting temperature (Tm) of gelatin–starch filmswere determined using differential scanning calorimetry.Also, th microstructure was observed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and the crystalline structure by means of X-ray diffractio(XRD). The effect of starch and glycerol concentrations in films on the thermal properties was evaluated through response surface methodology (RSM). The highest values of Tm were obtained at starch concentration intervals of (0.26 to 0.54) %w/w and glycerol concentrations lower than 0.5(%w/w). On the other hand, the Tg values diminished as the glycerol concentration increased. Mathematical models for both transitions were fitted to the experimental data. The micrographs obtained by SEM show the influence of glycerol in the microstructure of the films, being more “gummy” as the content of the plasticizer increased. The XRD patterns of the films demonstrate the existence of some pseudo-crystalline regions in the biodegradable materials.
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