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Título : Un planteamiento de resignificación de las desigualdades a partir de las prácticas didácticas del profesor. Un enfoque socioepistemologico
Fecha de publicación : 16-ene-2013
Descripción : In this study we were investigating, with a socioepistemologic focus, how inequality lives in the current mathematical school discourse, in order to detect which elements can play an important role for its re-meaning. As a starting point, also relying on the existing literature, we found that students tend to confuse equations and inequalities. The same phenomenon was seen also with teachers, for whom seems to be somewhat difficult to talk about the inequality regardless of the equation. From a careful examination of the various curricula and textbooks, we realized how the mathematical school discourse has changed the very nature of a mathematical inequality, reducing it to a mere operational technique. Was also investigated about the status of inequality in the bosom of mathematics. This first attempt consisted in bringing to light those practices that govern the use of inequality, namely: practice to compare and practice to delimit. Based on these practices, we were examining the role of inequality in pure and applied mathematics, which was carried out by examining non-school math texts and interviewing some professional mathematicians engaged in research in the field of pure or applied mathematics. Later we were taking into account the teacher's point of view, because teachers are who, with their beliefs and convictions, bring the discourse to the classroom. For doing that, we build a teaching sequence that was applied to a group of teachers to see how they are reflected in the discourse of the school and what for them inequalities are. Based on all this, we realized the need to carry out a redesign of school mathematical discourse that, through practical activities based on comparing and delimiting, inequality can return to school institution, restoring its meaning and its right place.
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