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2012A new classification method to simplify blue whale photo-identification techniqueGendron, Diane; Ugalde de la Cruz, Azucena
2010A novel non-invasive tool for disease surveillance of large free-ranging whales and its relevance to conservation programsAcevedo Whitehouse, Karina; Rocha Gosselin, A.; Gendron, Diane
2011Acute Sun Damage and Photoprotective Responses in WhalesMartinez Levasseur, Laura; Gendron, Diane; Knell, Rob J.; OToole, Edel A.; Singh, Manuraj; Acevedo Whitehouse, Karina
1995Community structure of the euphausiid population along the west coast of Baja California, Mexico, during the weak ENSO 1986-1987Gómez Gutiérrez, Jaime; Palomares García, José Ricardo; Gendron, Diane
2007Diving behavior of sperm whales in relation to behavior of a major prey species, the jumbo squid, in the Gulf of California, MexicoGilly, W.; Bazzino, G.; Markaida, U.; Gendron, Diane; Jaquet, N; Davis, R.W.
2007Insights into the underwater diving, feeding, and calling behavior of blue whales from a suction-cup-attached video-imagen tag (Crittercam)Calambokidis, John; Schorr, Gregor S.; Steiger, Gretchen H.; Francis, John; Bahktiari, Mehdi; Marshall, Greg; Oleson, Erin M.; Gendron, Diane; Robertson, Kelly
1992Population structure of daytime surface swarms of Nyctiphanes simplex (Crustacea:Euphausiscea) in the Gulf of California, MexicoGendron, Diane
2001Sloughed skin: a method for the systematic colletion of tissue samples from Baja California blue whalesGendron, Diane; Mesnick, S.L.
2006Stable isotopes on jumbo squid (Dosidicus gigas) beaks to esitmate its trophic positon: comparison between stomach contents and stable isotopesRuiz Cooley, R.I.; Markaida, U; Gendron, Diane; Aguíñiga García, Sergio
2009The social organization of sperm whales in the Gulf of California and comparisons with other populationsJaquet, Nathalie; Gendron, Diane
2004Trophic relationships between sperm whales and the jumbo squid using stable isotopes of C and NRuiz Cooley, R.I.; Gendron, Diane; Aguíñiga García, Sergio; Mesnick, S.L.; Carriquiry, L.D.
2001δ15 N and δ13C in Skin Biopsy Sample: a Note on Their Applicability for Examining the Relative Trophic Level in Three Rorqual SpeciesGendron, Diane; Aguíñiga García, Sergio; Carriquirry, José D.